About Us

We are a multi-functional project management firm with high level of expertise.

Tirion is a multi-functional project management firm with high level of expertise in the development of construction fit-out and FF&E projects with advanced skills in:

Design coordination in project and construction works.

Advising on procurement process and award of contracts.

Supervision and Construction Management, including coordination between entities.

General Contracting with high level of Operational efficiency.

Our History

Established in Oporto, Portugal, in 2001, Tirion has since its creation been a multidisciplinary company capable of delivering cutting edge solutions in the construction industry.

A first decade of steady growth, developing and improving the operational and administrative procedures, with constant presence within important institutional organizations, built the foundations for more aggressive plans for the following years.

The results achieved in this first cycle, and the relations established with global companies, granted for ambitions of internationalization, always adding value to the array of our process and client’s activity and goals.

Our first actions in international markets, as a consequence of the growth strategy, were France, Mozambique and Brazil.

In 2015, as a result of a collection of merges and fusions, Tirion was incorporated in a Global strong economic group that increase rapidly it’s capacity to target new technical areas and geographical zones.

Our actual footprint spreads through more than 10 countries and 3 continents.

Message from the Board

In Tirion we step up to meet the challenges. This is our DNA, our mentality. We are proud of our structure, with its focus, adaptability and resilience. We operate as a welded group with the spirit of a family, encouraging the commitment from all the stakeholders, promoting the balance of all players, with a superior ability to adapt to the world’s changes and to seize the opportunities.

In a demanding moment as these past 18 months, we continue to pull together. We set our mindset in overcoming the unexpected barriers reinventing ourselves as many times as needed. We are conscient that a long-term sustainable growth must be based in the support of our people and the communities in which we’re integrated. We build our success upon the progress of each other, adding value to our practices to get through these challenging times.

The yearning to connect and keep in touch is paramount in our philosophy. We thrive when people’s concerns are listened to and addressed appropriately.

Once again, we say present…
We are here to follow the future!

Our Mission

Constant devotion to the search of the best optimized solutions for our clients’ needs and requirements, with focus on results and sustainability.

Our Vision

Integrated lean management standards, with particular attention to 3 main vectors: Cost, Schedule and Quality.

Our Values






Developing new ideas, technology, and unexplored models, committing to adapt, anticipate and cultivate industry and market changes.

Risk Mitigation

Focus on developing actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to project objectives.


Awareness of company’s impacts on the environment and society.

Talent management

Ensuring the team is engaged, skilled, and motivated, pushing everyone to work in the direction of the company’s business goals, which will consequently increase client’s satisfaction.