What we do
What we do
What we do

Office renovations

Thousands of square feet of office fit-outs per year. We have developed skills and expertise within workplace design, we have in our staff experts in FFE design, architecture and IT, and with the combination of those knowhow’s we set the foundations of our methodology to counsel and meet the higher demands of our customers.

We will lead your project from pre-lease consultation to final close out. Our team offers flexibility, scope coordination, rapid response and traceability to the process. In-house elements will ensure the correct preparation, programming, synchronization and organization of all the phases of the process.

What we do

Retail stores

Hundreds of stores renovated each year in our footprint. For us, every asset is an opportunity to develop solutions. We stay focused on creating personalized service deliveries that support the new ways of working.

We adjust the model to our customer’s needs, a tailored fitted solution. Each brand, each company, has its specific strategy and operational methods.

Every company is different from the others and it’s special to us. Tirion personalizes the service, we go beyond ordinary assets and systems management. Our inhouse partners build customized solutions to our customers.

Success isn’t just cost savings. Creating value is our driver.

What we do

FFE & design solutions

Space and assets are our focus. We are beyond the stage of a passive supplier, and we moved past the traditional asset deployment model.

We believe in new methodologies and concepts to use workspace more efficiently to the benefit of all stakeholders.

We have internally specialists in architecture and design fields that are ready to work in close collaboration with HR, IT and other teams to align but also to support our client’s overall strategy. Adapt the atmosphere and the systems to a dynamic environment implementing top of the art technologies, equipment and solutions.

We design individual solutions with products manufactured specifically to your needs.

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