Design & Product Development

We develop modern workplace designs adapted to new ways of working.

With the new technologies outbreaks and the mobility associated, the working environment must be in constant evolution. We have increased the space utilization rates, developing workplace designs adapted to physical and storage needs.

Flexible workstations with integrated storage space, collaborative models and mobile seating strategy are some examples on how to save money with the new tendencies.
Less space properly designed represent better work environment with associated good returns on investment.

Developing design and tendencies,
Enforces productivity and results

At Tirion we design new and revolutionary workspace models with technologies that allow more mobility and better conditions for employees, improving productivity and engagement and decreasing absenteeism.

FFE & design solutions

Our specialists in architecture and design are ready to work in close collaboration with HR, IT and other internal teams to align and support our client’s strategy, implementing top technologies, equipment, and solutions.
Space and assets are our focus.

We are beyond the stage of a passive supplier, and we moved past the traditional asset deployment model.

We believe in new methodologies and concepts to use workspace more efficiently to the benefit of all stakeholders.
We design individual solutions with manufactured products to meet your needs.

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Construction managment

We guarantee the planning, coordination, budgeting, and supervision of every type of construction job.